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In consent stage

3 x 34 - 39m2 Modular Homes.

Build starting in July

In consent stage

30m2 One Bedroom Home

On site build, starting in May

In consent stage with council.

86m2 2 Bed 2 Bathroom Home with large living.

On site build starting May.

Building now

40m2 One Bedroom Unit

On site build now, completion in April.

In consent stage with council.

42m2 - 2 Bedroom Home with mezzanine

On site build will start in May.

Currently building.

13m x 4.4m Living + Bedroom Unit.

9m x 3m 2 Bedroom Sleepout with Bathroom

One of our custom builds out of the Dunedin Factory.

1 Master bedroom with spare bedroom / office.

This is a completed build that was delivered in December 2023 from our Dunedin factory.

12.5m x 4m 1 Bedroom home.

Click to see how this customer has made this space feel huge with lots of large doors and windows and big lounge.

One of our completed custom builds in our Dunedin factory.

Highly customised 33m2 Tiny Home on wheels.

Click to check out all the features we've fit in to this 33m2 home.

Prefabricated homes, also known as "Prefab homes", have been growing in popularity in recent years. These homes are constructed in a factory and then transported to the building site, where they are assembled and finished. While some people still prefer to build a home on site, there are many benefits to buying a prefab home. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of buying a prefab home versus building on site.

Living in a tiny house can mean a change of mindset around space, especially when it comes to creating a comfortable and functional living space. However, with the right design ideas, you can make your tiny house feel much bigger and more spacious. In this article, we'll explore ten tiny house design ideas that will help you maximize your space and create a cozy, welcoming home.

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