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Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding Titan Homes tiny houses, sleepouts, and office pods.

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How are your homes so affordable?

There are few reasons why. Firstly, we also build large scale developments through our construction business, currently building a block of 60 homes. We get economies of scale through our preferred supplier networks and our large team of builders on hand across our Auckland and Dunedin factories. Secondly, we also own a roofing business which means we get the best pricing for all our steel cladding. Lastly and most importantly though, our mission is to provide affordable housing for all Kiwis. We’re fortunate we’re in a position to do this given our network of complementary businesses.

Can I build a Custom home?

Yes we offer custom builds at the best pricing in NZ as we don’t charge any extra for customising. We charge fairly on a square metre basis, plus any additional facilities you need. Let us help you design your dream home!

Can these be built on trailer?

Yes we can build these same designs on a trailer to make this a THOW (Tiny Home on Wheels). The base cost is the home on skids, and there is an additional cost for building on a custom built trailer.


Yes we work with third party finance partner that can arrange finance for you. We offer this instead of renting options so that you can end up owning the home after your loan term.

South Island delivery?

Yes, we have delivered homes to the tip and bottom of the South Island.

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Titan Homes are the only Transportable Tiny Home builder in Dunedin. We build your home to order. Ready in typically 10 - 16 weeks.


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