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Do you offer full end to end management of my project?

Yes we offer full end to end management for Dunedin based customers (and also sites within 1 hour of Dunedin). This includes all site works, service connections, foundations, & consent and architect fees. The reason we can do this in Dunedin is we have a full construction arm in Dunedin as we are also a large scale developer.

Outside of Dunedin, we can still manage the full consent process, but would help you outsource the on site works.

Can Titan Homes manage the consent process?

Yes we can. We work with an architect business who can manage the entire process on behalf of the customer. This is what almost all of our customers do as the process can be a bit daunting if doing it for the first time. They can service all of NZ.

Do I need a consent?
Transportable Homes

For our homes with plumbing (bathrooms and / or kitchens), then the customer should apply for a building consent. While it is up to the customer to do the consent process on their end, we can guide you through what is needed as it can be a bit overwhelming. For an additional $4,000 we can manage this process for you by working with our architect / planning partner to manage on your behalf.

Titan Homes can provide a CCC (Code of Compliance Certificate) for this consent process. The build time increases to 8-10 weeks as we need to get council inspectors to do multiple checks throughout the build process.

Then once the Tiny Home is delivered, council would come to inspect the final home on its foundations. The local council then matches up the on-site CCC and the Tiny Home CCC, and 8-10 weeks later they'll issue the final, master CCC for your new home!

Sleepouts and Office Pods

Structures under 30m2 do not need a building consent.

There are a few considerations:

  • Must be positioned away from all boundaries and residential buildings (home, not a garage) by the distance of its height from the ground to the top of the roof. The height from the bottom of our bearer to the peak of our roof is 2.95m.
  • However if you’re space doesn’t quite fit within these guidelines there are two options:
  1. Some councils allow you to apply for an exemption to be placed within 1m of boundary fence. Talk to a planner at your council to understand if this is possible.
  2. Titan can change the dimensions of the Home to fit within these rules. As an example we could make the Home slightly thinner and longer, but still have the same footprint (area m2)

Check this government website for more info -

How much does delivery cost?

We have delivered homes across all of South Island, from the tip to the bottom.

Delivery is a cost for the customer to pay. It is based on how far away the site is from our Dunedin factory.

We will quote delivery as part of the process.

What other additional costs are there?

There are several other costs to factor in:


Foundations - $4,000 - $6,000

The price range is due to the larger the home, the more foundations you'd need

Delivery - $3,000 - $15,000

The price range depends on how far your delivery address is from our Dunedin factories

Plumbing / Drainlaying - $4,000 - $8,000

The price range depends on your site and how far away your services are to the placement of the home

Electrician - Approx. $2,000

Price depends on how far your site is from power source (usually your existing home)

Decking / Stairs

Decks cost approx $600 m/2 to build.

FEES TO PAY TO COUNCIL (if getting a building consent):

These costs are indicative and will depend on your council and what's already on your site

Building Consent Fee - $4,000 - $7,000

Development Contributions - $6,000 - $10,000

Can these homes be built on a trailer to become a Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW)?

Yes this is something we can do. The homes are effectively built with the same design but we would have a trailer that sits underneath.

Given that 95% of Tiny Homes on Wheels are too heavy to be towed behind a vehicle, the home would still be delivered with Hiab / Home Transporter. And then the trailer would go underneath once on site.

Do I need a building consent if my Tiny Home is on Wheels?

The short answer is no, but there are caveats. This was a grey area for a while, but the latest government guidelines from November 2021 have clarified things.

Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOW) can be viewed the same way as a caravans, where people live in them and they are legally transportable on NZ roads. Caravans don’t need a building consent.

There are two main requirements to be met to be classed the same way and not require a building consent

  1. Is the Tiny Home movable?
  2. Is the Tiny Home going to be occupied on a short term basis?

1. Is the Tiny Home movable?

  • Your Tiny Home needs to be on a road registered trailer with a current WOF.
  • Can’t be permanently fixed to the ground.
  • the design enables it to be moved or relocated with relative ease
  • not connected to services in a permanent way

2. Is the Tiny Home going to be occupied on a short term basis?

Assuming you are not occupying on a long term basis, our Tiny Homes on Wheels can be exempt from needing a building consent. The exact time frame of “Short term” is not defined in the guidelines, so it remains a grey area.

One way to interpret this is you can still hook up your power, water and waste services the same way as if it were a fixed structure, but it needs to be done in a temporary way where you could disconnect easily. The anecdotal example is if you can disconnect and move within 24 hours, it is classed the same as a caravan.

It is ultimately up to the customer to understand their obligations. We’d recommend getting in touch with your local council to understand your rights. It’s hard to give concrete advice as some councils are “tiny home friendly” whereas others are not quite as friendly.

Here is the exact definition from the government guidelines, along with their flow chart.

The Building Act defines a building as a temporary or permanent movable or immovable structure and includes: vehicle or motor vehicle that is immovable and is occupied by people on a permanent or long- term basis

FAQ_Titan Homes_Flow Chart

Here is the full government guidelines for reference -

How does the plumbing work?

Ideally the plumbing will be gravity fed to your nearest services (ie. wastewater point). This is the same way almost every home in NZ is set up.

All the grey and black water would come out of one 100mm outlet pipe, which your on site plumber on Drainlayer would need to connect to services.

For you as the user, all the plumbing works just like it would in any modern home. You flush the toilet, use the dishwasher, have a shower without having to think about anything.

However if your nearest services are uphill from your home location, then we would include a macerator pump for an additional $3,000. A macerator pump grinds up any waste and has a pump in it to push it 40m distance and 5m uphill. We use a Blue Box which is the most powerful unit and can sit outside / under the home.

The other option if you don’t want to hook up to services in this way is to have a compostable toilet. This comes at an additional cost of approx. $4,000 - $8,000 which is the cost of the unit plus install.

How is Titan Homes different from other tiny home builders?

Our expertise over the past decade has been building large scale developments across NZ.

We know how to build durable, weathertight homes that will be there for generations.

We have a large construction business in Dunedin. Through this, we have a strong supplier network who will prioritise our orders over others, which is very important in this current market with supply chain issues.

Because of our established scale, we also get the benefits of economies of scale. This is why we can price our homes affordably.

How do I need to prepare my site?

Our homes can site on piles, a concrete pad or large ground screws. The most important thing is ensuring that it is level. We will provide foundation plan as part of the process, but it is up to the purchaser to organise this for their site with a local builder.

What access do I need for delivery?

Our sleepouts are typically delivered on a Hiab truck . Their crane on the back of the truck means they can lift over fences or across spaces, typically no more than 13 metres. Or if this doesn't work, it can be lifted with a crane.

If it's down a driveway, in the ideal world you'd have access 3m wide and 5m high to allow a Hiab Truck.

Our larger homes are delivered with a home transporter truck. And then a crane would do the final lift from truck to foundations.

What are you financing options?

We work with a third party finance company who can give you finance with no deposit required. We can provide detail through buying process

How long does it take to build?

If going through the building consent process, From deposit to delivery it's 5 - 6 months.

Month 1: Build plans with architect and do due diligence on property

Month 2 & 3: Council to approve plans

Month 4 & 5: Build time. Deliver as soon as finished.

If not going through building consent process, from deposit to delivery is approx 3 months.

Month 1: Build plans with architect and do due diligence on property

Month 2 & 3: Build time. Deliver as soon as finished.

Do you have any showrooms?

No we don’t have any showrooms at this stage, because of the large range of home we offer it’s hard to have a showroom for every size. However if you’d like to come in and see some of the Homes we are building, get in touch and we’ll organise an appointment.

Can I come see home being built?

Yes you can come to our Dunedin factory to see the homes being built. However this is by appointment only so please get in touch if you want to do this.

Can I build a custom home?

Yes we offer custom builds. We charge fairly on a square metre basis, plus any additional facilities you need. Let us help you design your dream home!

We can include any features you want. This might include:

  • extra windows or any size
  • extra doors
  • custom kitchen designs
  • feature walls
  • entertainment cabinets
  • storage spaces
Guarantee and Warranty?

All of our homes come with a 10 year structural guarantee.

Weathertex Cladding has a 15 - 25 year guarantee.

Our steel cladding has a 15 year guarantee.

We have a 1 year workman ship warranty. Some of the third party components we use would have their own warranties.

We also guarantee that if the home arrives and it’s not what it should be, we’ll work quickly to ensure any potential problems are fixed.

Can I choose my own colours?

Wall Cladding

Exterior: you can choose from any Weathertex cladding profile here

Colour - you can choose to either paint any colour your want, or leave natural.

Roof Cladding

You can choose from any colour from Colorsteel range


our standard interior paint colour is white, but you can request a different colour.

Are the Homes insulated?

Yes they are built like all other modern homes with timber framing and floor, wall and ceiling insulation. The insulation meets new H1 building code standards for that region. .

These homes are warm and meet healthy homes standards.

How do you connect power?

You will need to work with an electrician and install either a 16 or 32 amp outdoor “caravan plug” power point to run from the house main. Or you can connect to mains power.

This should cost approx. $1,500 - $2,000 to connect to existing home power.

Or $4,500 for a new supply.

But depends on your site.

You will be provided with an Electrical Certificate

What are the payment terms?

The payment terms are typically staggered across 5 different payments so that you only pay as the build progresses.

Typically 5 - 10% deposit up front depending on size of build, then blocks of 20 - 25% after that.

We will give payment terms in your proposal

Are there any size restrictions?

We can build up to 100m2

Do you do kit set or on-site builds?

Short answer is no. Kit sets are actually more difficult and we can’t guarantee the finished product on the other end.

The only place we’d offer an on-site build is in Dunedin where we have a construction business with a large team of builders on hand. However we’d always try to find a solution with a pre-built home first.

Are these container homes?

No they are not. They are built the same was as modern homes with timber framing, insulated walls, smooth MDF panels for interior walls and steel cladding for the exterior.



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